Vodafone & Kreatív – 2020 WINNERS

The link is Hungarian, however, we all know the international company Vodafone, and we all know that Pacsi Kutyamenhely is the shelter where your dog comes from… So, with all our hard work during the pandemic – to start virtual home checks, and continue our essential work despite lockdown – we have been shortlisted in 4 categories and WON 1 category: BEST DIGITAL SOLUTION ❤

This is a great step for us to be recognised, as we are a small team of volunteers and we had to think fast to be able to continue our work safely through the pandemic.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us (and continues to support us) through these very hard times ❤ We are ‘Vodafone Ready’ worthy!

I have included a translation below and links to the website where you can find more information:

“The aim of the joint competition between Kreatív and Vodafone was to encourage, recognize and support businesses and individuals who have been able to adapt to the extraordinary changes brought about by the epidemic and have successfully overcome the challenges – in other words: those who were “readyk” and they stay whatever tomorrow brings.

Applications were invited in two categories – business and individual. Business applicants were able to apply with implemented solutions, products, services or digital innovations that helped businesses maintain their operations or increase their results in the first half of 2020 and created value for the company or its customers. For individual applicants, we expected life stories that were about successfully overcoming difficulties in the workplace and work, and could be inspiring to others through their solution-oriented, optimistic attitude.

There were 57 entries in the business category and 55 entries in the retail category.
Now it turns out who the winners became!”

Full article and video here.

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