They call me Tappancs. Ta-pan-ch. Remember that name because I am the king of quirky cool. See this hairy face? I survived electrocution from some bad guys, how awesome is that? The humans think it might have made me a tiny bit crazy, but they have given me a billlion chances to behave myself and prove them wrong… Unfortunately I have been in and out of doggy time-outs for such a long time that I’m not allowed a foster family right now. Oh poop.

You see, I used to be a bit shy… then I got some confidence and I’d plod around looking all fluffy and sweet… just when you thought I was a super good boy I’d do something ‘cheeky’ and I’d have to start all over again. I call it cheeky… the humans at the shelter call it ‘snappy’. Maybe when I got zapped I turned into part-crocodile part-wolf?

Annnnnyway, seeing as I’ve been here at Pacsi shelter for such a long time, you might as well send me some money to help out the people that feed me. I am always grateful for a biscuit or three!

Don’t forget: If you are purchasing the adoption as a gift for someone, please email us with their details so that we can create the personalised digital certificate!


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