(Female) Hello everyone! It’s Lady Sophie here, how do you do? I’m feeling quite sad these days. I was rescued a long time ago but nobody came to be my new owner… and since then I may have got just a little bit naughty…

I am a beautiful cream Hungarian Kuvasz pedigree mix, I should be guarding a herd of sheep, but instead I feel like I am the guard to a herd of barking dogs! I just wish I could live on a farm away from everyone and be the boss… I suppose living in a shelter and getting treats will have to do for now.

As the years go on I would really love someone to be my friend and make sure that I can have food, cushions and treats every month? Could you be my sponsor?

Even though I have a big enclosure now, I’m always sticking my nose through the bars to see my human friends when they walk by!

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