(Male) I am a curly-haired Westie mix, and nobody knows how old I am… I get scared by everything. Loud noises, dogs barking, cars… I hate them all!

It has been a bit better since I live at the rescue shelter, I can go for walks on my lead and wander around the gardens, but don’t you dare think of correcting my behaviour or I’ll nip you! I am a bit of a grump it’s true. I don’t like my baths, I don’t like being stroked too much. I do like the food though! Sometimes the world is just too big for a little dog.

Would you be able to keep me in shampoo and towels for the rest of my life? A few sneaky treats wouldn’t hurt too…

I don’t have many photos available, but that will change.
I just need someone to believe in me!

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