Orion recently overcame a year long heartworm infection (19.11.20) and we can now finally treat his painful, damaged eye. Obviously this all costs a lot of money! He has one virtual mummy already but will need more sponsors if he is going to cover the cost of treatment. You can follow Orion’s updates on his shared Instagram.

(Male) “Hello everybody, it’s the chunky Lord Orion here. Don’t be scared by my scars, they are from another time in my life. I’m about 6 years old and for a very long time I lived in a cellar, a tiny room with hardly any light and full of junk.

My owner used me for dog fighting, and that’s how I lost my ears and the sight in my eye – in fact, I have a hole in my eye which is going to be treated soon, now that I’m off my heartworm meds. I didn’t get much food either, so when the rescue team found me they fed me up and got me back on my feet.

Because I was taught how to fight I can’t be housed with other dogs, but I love affection from my humans! Rolling in the grass and sitting on a soft blanket is what I like best. Did you know that now I’m feeling A LOT better I have started to be very excitable and act like a ‘normal’ dog again.

Will you help fund my surgery, and keep me in soft blankets for life?”

Don’t forget: If you are purchasing the adoption as a gift for someone, please email us with their details so that we can create the personalised digital certificate!


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