(Male) Hi, hello, hey! I’m Botond and I am a very cheeky boy! Number one – I’m very surprised to still be alive, I had a bad start in life and I was battling a case of heartworm. Apparently I’m getting better now… but my manners aren’t.

You see, I don’t really trust people, and so I tell them what I think by barking… and barking… all day long! I used to live in a vineyard and somehow my ear got ripped off. The rescue are very good to me, I just had a lot to deal with in my first three years.

Would you like to be my doggy saviour and buy me some treats and a few blankets? You would? Great!

Don’t forget: If you are purchasing the adoption as a gift for someone, please email us with their details so that we can create the personalised digital certificate!

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