Rainbow Bridge

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Welcome to our rainbow bridge memorial page. Here you will find information about some of our dogs who are, unfortunately, receiving end-of-life care. There are also the memorial dedications to every dog that passed away since Paw Pose Rescue UK was established in January 2020.

These photos were taken at the All Saints Day memorial vigil that is held at the shelter every year. In Hungary it is important to honour the dead, and remember them – whether that be animal or human. They light candles on the graves of the ones we couldn’t save.

Did you know that the rescue shelter (Pacsi Kutyamenhely Alapítvány) forced the original kill shelter on the site to close down in 2012? Their mission and ours is to make sure that those barbaric, inhumane actions are never repeated. This is why we look after our virtual adoption dogs even though they may never be suitable for a home environment. They are living creatures and they deserve better.

It’s why we try our best to save every sick dog that we find even when others would give up. Humans created these circumstances and so humans must be responsible for fixing them.

Sadly, some dogs are just too elderly or too sick to survive, despite our best efforts. The reality is that the cost of respite care and even cremation falls on the shelter. If you would like to support us (specifically through providing end-of-life care for the dogs) please click the Paypal link below.

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Currently Receiving Care:

Potyi has cancer.

We love you Pötyi x x x

We found Pötyi on the streets she does have a microchip… but the owners hide themselves from us! So we carried out the life saving surgeries (neutering, removal of nipples and breast tissue). Further X-ray and tissue examination came back showing stage 4 metastasis, unfortunately we can only hope now. We use CBD and CV247 to ease her pain. She has been moved to hospice care. She is receiving so much kindness with the wife of our loved (and missed) colleague who passed away last year also from cancer. Pötyi will be spoiled rotten! Thanks to Kata who is very brave after loosing her husband in to the very same illness. Let’s support her and her decision, making this little dog’s last moments on earth as comfortable as they can be.

Please make a donation to the Rainbow Bridge Fund which covered Potyi’s care.

Argosz : July 2021

(One of the original kill shelter dogs)

Direct quote from Pacsi shelter:

Argosz was the dog of the original kill shelter. In recent years he was our Szabin’s dog, he wanted to – if they managed to move to a house with a garden – take him with him. 🙁Argos couldn’t wait for this. At the beginning of 2013 we saved him from the end of a short chain, from starvation, with my colleague Kriszti back then. Due to his special nature, we couldn’t rehome him, so we took him out of the adoption status and he stayed with us for his full life.

He loved to be with us, he protected the territory in the main place, us too. He loved cuddles, caring, walking, banding on the main square. ❤ He was taken for a walk many times, mostly the athletes of the CUTLER Gym, he loved them too. Today he took his last walk with Laci, maybe he didn’t know, this will be the final goodbye. He got a little bit of fun with him.

His caretakers went to lunch, and when they came back and called for Argos to come out, he was lying in the cage as usual… and was already dead. He left elegantly, did not force us to decide. He was sick for a while. We knew this would come, but not that today (18.07.21) -sad Sunday, you can’t prepare for this.

Goodbye Argos, your kennel is empty for a while…. we keep your memory and your dream. ❤ And like Tyson, you are also a memento that thousands of people who never find their owner in the shelters die today in Hungary. I was Valeria with endless sadness and endless love. WE SAY GOODBYE TO ALL Zsolti Marica, Szabina, the keepers, the volunteers, everyone who is known and loved dear ARGOS. We stop but we keep moving… for the rest. Argos named after Odysseus’ dog, the figure of Greek mythology. According to Odyssey, he patiently waited for his owner for twenty years. Laying on the garbage hill, old, snuggly.

Domino : July 2021

Little black and white puppy Domino was found with his brother Danon, unfortunately it seems it was too late. We think that maybe someone was trying to make a ‘new ‘ mixed breed of dog, and that maybe these two puppies were not what they wanted… and so they were left to die on the side of the road. We tried our hardest, the vet took care of them, but poor small Domino died in the night, possibly from a heart issue. They were just so tiny and really should not have been taken from their mum so soon. We will remember you little boy, and pray that your brother makes it through. At least we have this photo of you and your toys, enjoying a nice comfortable bed. Run free over the rainbow bridge.

Gomboc : March 2021

This little one lived to be 15. She was rescued at 12 years old, she had been living in the vineyard with no proper shelter, and was chained up. Her original owner was elderly and didn’t quite understand the harm he was doing, so we rescued her and decided that (due to her age and complex allergies) the shelter would be her retirement home. No more freezing cold, windy nights outside. She helped out in the office (best secretary there ever was), and she had virtual owners who loved her very much from abroad! Unfortunately, she was just too elderly to continue, and after the excitment of Christmas and the New Year she quietly slipped away on the 2nd of March. RIP beautiful Gomboc, we have already made your memorial and we will miss your little fluffy face every day. Be at peace now, safe and warm.

Matild : March 2021

Dear little Matild said goodbye to us this morning. We only knew her for a few hours, and we tried our best to save her. Thank you to the dedicated Pacsi staff and the vets who rushed to her care when she was found in a black bin bag – assumed dead. She was not. Someone had tried to fatally harm her by causing trauma to her neck. She had swallowed garbage, sticks and stones, and of course, she had been stuffed in a black sack. This poor old lady also had many tumours, and whilst trying to save her life it was all just too much for her tiny frail body. We will fight for justice against the people that hurt her, and we will never forget. Another angel will be added to the memorial garden. Sleep well little one, you aren’t in pain any more, we hope your last memory was of the warm cuddles and the soft bed we gave you.

Erik : December 2020

We did not have a good morning, and we did not have a good evening either. One of our little dogs decided not live behind the bars at the shelter. Erik died very suddenly in the quarantine kennel. He had not waited for the two weeks to pass so he could begin the rehoming journey. He had arrived from the vineyards, and as with all our dogs, he had been seen by the vet straight away. He had not been ill. At least, we had not noticed it at all after thorough examination. We took photos of him on Saturday ready for his adoption page, he behaved very well and we were excited for his future. On Monday he was dead. According to the autopsy, he had a very bad enteritis. Who knows what he had eaten and from where before he got to us?! Such is the risk of dogs who are left to roam. Erik, be happy and healthy over the rainbow. We are sorry that we could not help you, and we hope you find peace… But Erik did not want to disappear without a trace! Yesterday a little dog got reported and collected… and it looks almost the same as him!

Fiona : November 2020

Fiona was one of Dolly’s two puppies. She and her surviving littermate were rescued at the same time as their mum, but both had deadly Parvo virus. It causes an infectious gastrointestinal (GI) illness in puppies and young dogs, it can be treated if caught early, unfortunately for Fiona she was just not strong enough to make it through full treatment, despite our best efforts. At approxinately 3 months old she had her whole life ahead of her, passing just days after her mother. The only comfort we can take fom this sad situation is that she will be reunited with her mum and they can stay together forever, running, free of pain, accross the rainbow bridge.

Dolly : November 2020

Do not stop at my grave, I am not there, there is no death… Little Dolly, from the outskirts of the town, was taken off the terrible rusty chain alongside two puppies – she had a severely prolapsed womb. Our vets struggled to save her because she had arrived while being ill with babesia (a disease caused by ticks). She ‘recovered’ enough for us to approve surgery as she also had a tumour. We knew surgery was definitely going to be needed due to her issues, but we did not expect her condition to be so serious. Our vet called us and informed us that Dolly had tumours with metastasis, her belly was full of them. We made the decision together with the vet that she should be put to sleep as she was in so much pain. She did not know about it, she just slept and slept. Perhaps she dreamt about us, about the little time she had spent with us, when she was loved, looked after, fed with delicious food… she was terribly young to have cancer. It is incomprehensible, and we will miss your kind face…. Farewell angel.

Maddox : August 2020

We couldn’t help Maddox. Someone didn’t want him, they threw him away because he was sick and he was hurt. Giardia itself is not a deadly disease! The bites in themselves were not fatal, but they sucked the life out of Maddox and made him weak. He couldn’t stand on his feet, he was in great deal of pain… that we relieved. We are sorry that we are not almighty, and could not save you with a magic wand to cure your many problems. Goodbye little dog, we have you forever locked in our hearts and we will remember you! Dream of a better world for all your doggy friends. Rest in peace little treasure.

Maci : August 2020

Maci decided not to wait any longer. It was enough of the more than one-month long enclosure, stress, the tight quarantine kennel which became his prison. He did not wake up from the anaesthesia, though it would have been the last one for him before Szabina took him as her pet. He did not wait. He slept, passed away into a nicer and better world. We could pet his thin, tortured, body in ‘his sleep’, or talk to him about how good it will be soon… ‘why did not you wait?’ But there will be no bark or answer. Only silence, and huge space remains that he left for us. We have the memory of his desperate barking….the quiet sighs, the sound of suppressed crying, the quiet discussion, the vet’s voice when he lists what he sees, the cruel sounds of the equipment working in the operation room… His heart and lungs were full of worms that ate him up, his soul, his life. The parasites did not let him wake up. Maci, it is sure we will always remember you just as all of our dogs that have passed away, even if you did not want to love us or did not know how to do it. Rest over there, our dog, and don’t be angry that we were late, we tried our best. RIP Big Teddy.

Jack : March 2020

Jack had given up his shelter life. Run free as you always wanted to. German shepherds, malinois dogs and their crosses are not in a good place at a shelter. However ‘nice’ the circumstances are, however much attention and care they get, however big the kennel is… it is not enough for them. They were born to work and do tasks out in the field. In the kennel they become nervous and stressed which is very bad for their health. Jack was in this state, as well as being under-nourished when we saved him. He got stomach problems because of it. It happened without any warning signs. But we are sure he had it for a long time, we just couldn’t cure him. We are very sorry, our dear boy. RIP.