Virtual Adoption Centre

Paw Pose Rescue UK has been able to save over 130 dogs in less than a year, with a 97% success rate matching people to pets. This achievement is due to the financial support of our generous adopters, social media followers and friends – thank you so much!

One of our frequently asked questions is “what happens to the other dogs?” This is referring to our dogs which are not suitable for family life, or a ‘normal’ home situation. We call these our Fur-ever Friends as it is likely they will need to stay in permanent residence at the shelter in Hungary forever, unless they can be fully rehabilitated by our dog behaviourist and kind volunteers.

Can you imagine knowing nothing apart from pain and fear? Now imagine that the source of your distress is a human being, shouting at you, kicking you – refusing to give you food or water… Sadly this is the past reality for many of our dogs, and no matter how much love we show them today we can never regain their trust.

Orion was used as a fighting dog for years, and abandoned in a filthy cellar.

Every dog deserves a happy home – this is our motto and we stand by it. Just because they are living in a ‘half-way house’ it doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy the creature comforts they long for. This is where our virtual adoption scheme comes in!

Most of our Fur-ever Friends have health issues as well as behavioural hurdles to overcome, this can be very costly for the rescue. We encourage people who may not be able to adopt a dog at the current time to virtually adopt a friend in need.

Oscar has been through so much pain in his life already.

We have flexible plans via Paypal and the monthly fee per dog is only £10... which works out at £2.22 per week, the same cost as a take-away coffee!

We calculated the amount so that it is affordable for you and covers their monthly worming treatment which is essential to protect them from heart worm. Any remaining balance will be spent towards food, bedding or other medication. Once you have chosen your dog, you are of course more than welcome to send them gifts via online companies such as Amazon or Ebay – we can provide address details for this and ideas as to what they need such as breed-specific toys or treats.

You will also receive a digital adoption certificate, and regular updates on your chosen dog. This is a very personal experience, and we thank all of our VAs because (unlike other large animal charities) we give your money directly to the care of your dog. You really will make a difference to a dog’s life, and give them a second chance at happiness.