Passing Tests With Flying Colours!

The amazing animal transport company we use, Big Leslie, has been with Paw Pose and the Hungarian shelter Pacsi Kutyamenhely Alapítvány for many years. We already know they are trustworthy, have excellent vans and safety measures for the dogs, going above and beyond to make the journey to the UK as smooth as possible for the pooches… even if it means walking them for a toilet break at ridiculous hours of the night, in pouring rain or sub-zero temperatures in the middle of nowhere!

As Brexit loomed at the end of 2020 there were numerous issues for animal transporters with French/UK border control, not to mention the Corona Virus restrictions… you just have to Google ‘Euro Tunnel Dogs’ to get a feel for the scale and pressure everyone has been under in the last couple of months. Hopefully those days are now over, because Big Leslie and the team have official proof that they are fit and suitable to transport animals.

We have been cleared by Trading Standards, APHA (Animal Plant Health Agency), and DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) to continue moving dogs across Europe from Hungary to the UK… as if there was ever any doubt!

Look at these proud faces after their current vehicle inspection, and countless other pieces of admin work have been approved.

A message from Paw Pose Rescue’s founder, Klaudia:

“Congratulations guys! Hard work pays off, because you could just look at all the paperwork and despair, but in the end this is how it has to be and we have to do the best for the dogs, no matter how much extra work it is for us.”

A message from Big Leslie Animal Transport:

“Quality has won again! Gone are the days when you could just bring any dog into England. If you try without permission you will not be able to deliver and that’s okay (DEFRA), because it’s in the best interest of the animals. Transporters with improper licenses should not transport animals. Quality delivery at the highest level, echoing the quality our customers deserve! We have achieved this over the years, and we are proud of it, and protect it. The protection and welfare of animals is important when transporting!”

If you would like to find out more about how the government inspects and monitors live animal imports to the UK (including the transport of live dogs), please follow this link to HMRC where it explains the process:

Well done to the transport team and shelter staff who made this a success, onwards and upwards for 2021!

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