Rescue Success

Barney’s story

If you haven’t met Barney he is the one on the left. Barney & his sister (Betty) were found by the volunteers at Pacsi Kutyamenhely Alapitvany back in May and both since have found a loving home in the UK through us (Paw Pose Rescue UK).

On arriving in the UK Barney was detained at the port, after failing an ageing assessment, carried out by an APHA assigned vet. HOWEVER his sister was cleared and released.

APHA are under the impression following the incorrect report, that Barney is 12-13 weeks. We have provided evidence to prove that this is completely inaccurate. For example, if Barney was the age APHA suggest, he would have been new born at the beginning of May. As you can see in the time line below they both where not. In fact they would have been approximately 9-10 weeks in March.

Here is the time line :
Download the PDF – URLS to FB posts depicting Barney and times

The Facts:

Pacsi Kutyamenhely Alapitvany volunteers found Barney, and Betty siblings on 08.05.2020., first appearance on Facebook 09.05.2020. visible age around 9-10 weeks old

First vet check. Where Barney & Betty’s age was set to 01.03.2020. 9-10 weeks by official vet, description in official report. First treatment vaccination NOBIVAC DHPPI +L was administered

First video on Pacsi Kutyamenhely was posted on Facebook

Barney and Betty first appearance on Paw Pose Rescue UK Facebook page, with photos 16th of May

That post contains continuous commentary of their growth, with a variety of pictures and videos.

20-05-2020 Barney & Betty
16-06-20 Barney & Betty
25-06-2020 Barney

Second vaccination NOBIVAC DHPPI + L adminstered to Barney & Betty

Third vaccination NOBIVAC RABIES important miles stone based on UK pet travel rules. This cannot be given earlier than 12th week.

Final examination. Declared fit to travel, and compliant to pet travel rules. Vet mentioned he is about ready for neutering age minimum 20 weeks. Vet report available in PDF format to relevant parties.

APHA Dover Team, lead by G*** C*** seized Barney allowed Betty to be released.

APHA claimed that Barneys age was assessed (allegedly by a vet) at 12-13 weeks. This would make Barney to be born around May. Evidence above to the contrary.

APHA claiming invoice for quarantine time at £963.00 by the 27th July.

APHA not providing access to the Vet reports, not accepting evidence above, or providing any means of contact to resolve the issue.

Paw Pose Rescue would like to find legal assistance (no win no fee) to get Barney released.
We would like to raise awareness through media and welcome to be contacted to discuss Barney’s Story.