Name: Millie

I am a: female
Breed:  Labrador

Born/Age: 01. January 2016

Vaccinated, Neutered and Microchipped.

About me:  Millie is a VERY friendly and caring girl! She is a breed which is known for their intelligence, obedience, kindness and loyalty… she was found on the streets roaming. Millie is great with children, cats and other dogs, she would make the perfect fit in a loving family. Obviously she adores going on walks and getting cuddled…. Millie also has a very cute smile, a typical labrador.

At the moment Millie has heartworm, but this is not something you should worry too much about because it is only low level! It is also simple and easy to treat at home and get rid of entirely – please do not search on the internet about heartworm… because it will only show you the worst-case scenario which she DOES NOT have! Millie’s heartworm and treatment plan will be discussed in your home check. She is still looking for an owner/ family that will love her despite it.

To enquire about adopting Millie, please complete the adoption application

Adoption fees and home checks apply.

Back-Up Rescue Available.