Name: Dodo

Gender: neutered Male

Breed/ Size: Dachshund/ terrier cross/ Small

Age/ Born: 1st January 2016

Vaccinated, Neutered, Microchipped

Comes with EU passport

About me: Dodo has been with us for quite a long time, we rescued him a couple of years ago from a kill shelter and now we are making the first step towards his proper adoption. Not long after we rescued him he was adopted in Hungary but the people never came to get him, it has been years and we couldn’t do anything about it till now. The person who adopted him tried to keep Dodo in the shelter for the rest of his life, we thought this is unfair, unnecessary and a horrible thing to do when he could have an amazing home. It took us a very long time to convince the ‘owners’ to rehome him as this is not good for him and here we are.

Dodo adores children and lives with four other dogs at the moment, he is also great around cats. Even though he is not a puppy anymore he has a very playful and friendly personality and he loves everyone, we believe that he would fit in perfectly in a home with kids. It would be lovely to be able to find him a home before December as we do not want him to have to spend another cold winter in the shelter, I’m sure he would rather spend that time cuddled up with his new owner on a cosy couch inside a warm house.

If you are interested in adopting Dodo, please complete the adoption application found here:

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