Citrom ( Lemon)

Name: Citrom

I am a: neutered male
Breed: Labrador- Hungarian Vizsla mix/ small-medium

Born/Age: approx 1st January

Vaccinated, Neutered and Microchipped.

About me: Citrom was found roaming the streets, he is very cute, cuddly and friendly. Suitable for families with small children and dogs, so we don’t know why he was abandoned! Cat test upon request. Citrom loves being outside and absolutely adores exploring new things and places, he is nearly always happy and his tail is always wagging even after all he has been through . Citrom overall is just a kind and sweet soul.

Currently in Hungary.

To enquire about adopting Citrom, please complete the adoption application

Adoption fees and home checks apply.

Back Up Rescue Available.