VA Pup-dates

Updates On All The VA Dogs

June 2021

Hello to all our lovely virtual adopters! Time has been whizzing by at the shelter, but we’re bringing you a little pup-date today. The extension to the main building (which they won a grant to build) is almost complete, we just need to fund raise for the internal equipment and final pieces which will turn it into a lovely safe space for puppies, the elderly dogs or any injured dogs that need special attention.

Latest videos of the Fur-Ever Friends!

Here is Sophie: Sophie smiling

Here is Zomanc: sniffs and nose rubs

Here is Foltos: loving his neck scratches

Here is Rummy (black and white) with Princess whi is actually still available for adoption! : Happy bullies

Here is Orion: chunky, quiet Lord of the kennel

Here is Tappancs: Playful as ever

Here is old boy Roy: Raring to get out and explore

Here is Manka: excited to see a friend

Here is Trevor: Desperate for a cuddle

Here is Oscar: Watching the world go by

April 2021

Hello, and thank you again to all our virtual adopters! For those of you keeping up with our social media you will have seen that we had A LOT of abandoned dogs and welfare cases across the last couple of months, so this has been taking up most of our volunteer time. Apologies for the late pup-date.

Thankfully, most of the new shelter dogs are able to go into ‘normal’ adoption situations, there are just a couple that Pacsi are assessing to see if they will need to be kept at the shelter due to reactivity and other issues. Currently our ‘happy’ update is that Princess (who is up for adoption) has been living in the same enclosure as Rummy, and they are best of friends! This is great enrichment for him, and also shows that there is hope that maybe outside of the UK he can be rehomed in the future.

In March the team at Pacsi were kind enough to do a kennel tour, and so we have a link to that video here.

Can you spot your dog? We love the fact that Ella (around 3m 10s) is showing a little bravery and coming forward. Her pen-friend Brutus is up waiting for cuddles as usual!

February 2021

What a crazy start to the new year! A couple more virtual adopters on board (thank you very much!) and a lot of rain, snow and wind! Luckily with the new shelter roofing in place it hasn’t been as wet as other years. Also, you may have noticed some of the enclosures have better flooring now so although there are puddles it’s not pure mud.

Here are some photos of the dogs after they came back from a particularly chilly set of morning walks. The volunteers really do care so much, taking them out in all weathers on the roads near the shelter and around the gardens. Some of the dogs were still out on walkies when the photos were taken, so we’ll make sure we get some shots of them in the next pupdate!

Rummy is wanting another walk… or some treats. That stare is intense!
Ella has just realised she’s having her photo taken – see you later guys!
Botond had fun plaing with his ball on the walk, and won’t give it back.
Cheeky Leni and Kaloz barking at the volunteers!
Orion keeping calm in the background, he watches over everything as he is the Lord of the kennels.

December 2020

Hello everyone, it’s been a frosty, snowy start to the month! Over in Hungary the weather is starting to turn and the dogs are preparing for the colder days ahead. Did you know it can reach -20 degrees in the depths of winter?! The great news is that we have already had a few more virtual adopters donating money to the furry residents, which they appreciate very much.

We have also raised funds to create roofing over some of the open enclosures (including Sophie and Zomanc’s pen). We are hoping to raise more over the next few weeks to get the job finished, and stop the ground getting into a soggy, boggy mud patch like it usually does.

Dogs needing extra support for the foreseeable future are:

Little sick lady Potyi (who is in end-of-life hospice care with a volunteer). Her fundraiser is here: Her vet bills and associated costs still need to be covered, please give to her fundraiser, even £1 helps us.

Potyi has cancer and is being looked after by a kind volunteer in Hungary, so she can have a comfy home.

Zomanc the ‘polar bear’ – he is having a bad time of it lately! He started his life with us several years ago, and had to have an eye operation which has left him partially sighted. He may have hearing issues too, and has trauma from his previous owner. Now, as he gets older, he has developed cysts and skin issues, which means he needs special treatment and is very uncomfortable. We’ve moved him inside so that he can be monitored.

Zomanc back in the summer when he was happier.

Orion He was declared free from heartworm at the end of November! What a champ! It was his last chance as he had been battling the parasite (along with other health issues) since his rescue in December 2019. He is now ready to start the next stage of his journey… the operations to stop the pain in his damaged eye. This will be tricky as it’s an old injury, and the vet bills will not be small. He has one supporter already, but this is not enough to cover even a fraction of the cost! Please consider sponsoring him as he is only 5 years old but has been through hell.

Orion’s poorly eye, blinded from a forced dog fight. He is currently on pain medication until the operation can go ahead.

Pup-dated Photos!

As promised, we try our best to get you up-to-date photos of the Fur-ever Friends and here they are pre-Christmas in some chilly sunshine!

We hope you have a great festive period whatever you get up to during lock down… HAPPY HOWL-IDAYS! From the Paw Pose Rescue Team and Pacsi Kutyamenhely Alapítvány shelter!