Virtual Adoption FAQ

* What happens if more than one person virtually adopts a dog? Of course there may come a time when several people have chosen to adopt the same dog. This is fantastic, because then food, equipment, and all vets bills (past and present) can be funded, also upgrades to the kennels can be made for our long-timers. Should there come a time when there is a definite excess we will discuss this with any potential adopters to see if there is another dog or part of the rescue they would like to specifically spend their donation on.

*What happens if you are able to rehabilitate my dog and they are rehomed? This of course is the ‘Holy Grail’ for all dog rescues! Finding a loving family or sanctuary who are willing to take a chance on a shelter dog, especially one that has a troubled past, is rare but it can happen. As you can see, a lot of our Fur-ever Friends are bull breeds or bully mixes and we would never risk bringing them to the UK due to the Dangerous Dog Act (which means one wrong step and they would be destroyed). This greatly narrows their chances of finding a home as we rely on the Hungarian/German adopters to consider them, which is only half our demographic.

If your dog is lucky enough to be rehomed we will immediately inform you and give you the option to cease payment or transfer your payments to another dog.

*How will I be updated on my chosen dog? The information comes directly from Pacsi Kutyamenhely Alapítvány (the shelter in Hungary). We are a small team of volunteers in the UK and we will always endeavour to bring you updates, there may be times when we are unable to provide up-to-date photos if we are waiting on new ones being provided by Pacsi. Our founder spends her time between the UK and Hungary, so there may also be the opportunity for videos of your dog in the future. Please rest assured that we will always strive to get you updates at least every 8 weeks. These will be provided via email and also we may post them on our Facebook Group and Page. Depending on the volume of virtual adopters a newsletter email may be put in place.

* For all further enquiries: You can email us with the subject heading ‘Virtual Adoption’ to:

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