(Male) I’m always bottom of the list because my name begins with Z. I was certainly bottom of my previous owner’s list, they chained me up and hurt my chest… It’s not my fault! I couldn’t hear them very well, or see them very well so how could I do my job?

The lovely team at the shelter have given me an eye operation, but they still think I am partially deaf, and something is not quite right. I don’t know where I am sometimes and it can be scary.

I am a big Central Asian Shepherd, there’s not many of us about in the world these days! Would you like to help me get better until I find my forever home?

*** UPDATE – Zomanc is feeling particularly unwell right now. He has been suffering from cysts, and even his friend Sophie can’t cheer him up. The volunteers at the shelter have moved him to a more comfortable spot inside and are keeping an eye on him.

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