(Male) You can call me Rummy if you like, my name’s a bit of a mouthful if you don’t speak Hungarian! Oh dear, it’s time to tell that story again. I have a friend called Manka, she’s on this list too. We were abandoned by our ‘owner’ at the side of a road along with their garbage and other animal corpses… but we weren’t dead.

We’re too strong to die that easily! I was so happy when the humans came and saved us, and I get on well with everyone who walks on two legs, but dogs are a different story. I just don’t trust them, and I use all my muscles to be the winner in the fight!

I’m only a young boy, I can’t seem to get past some of my bad behaviour. If I could be sponsored by one of you lovely people, I might be able to feel more relaxed and find my manners again.

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