(Female) People call me the Black Panther for my lovely looks and my sleek black fur. Also for my strength! I may be on the smaller side for a staffy-mix but I am all muscle. Did you know I even have a coat of arms for the Manka family in Wales? I must be royalty!

I wasn’t treated like royalty though… me and my mate Rummy were dumped at the side of the road in a pile of garbage, with some other rotting animals. I’m around 2 years old now but because of how protective I am, other dogs make me nervous, and I can get a bit rough. Okay, REALLY rough. It doesn’t take long to go from ‘playing’ to aggression so now I keep away. I love my human rescuers though!

Maybe you could help me out and see me for the little monkey I am, rather than just a piece of trash.

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