(Male) Well hello, it’s nice to meet you. I might look a bit serious when you first see me, there’s a reason for that. I used to have a very serious job. I lived at the Kill Shelter that used to be here before Pacsi took over. I was the guard dog, and I watched everything that happened. I heard everything they did to those dogs… for years. I didn’t know if one day I would be next. They fed me, they gave me commands, but all the time I would see dogs go into the building and never come out.

The people at Pacsi shelter are different. They cuddle the dogs that come in, and they give them treats. They walk them every day. Slowly I am learning that not all humans are capable of killing innocent animals… but I’m still not sure.

My favourite times of the year are when Klaudia comes to the shelter to visit us all. She spends a lot of time with me. I would looove to go home with her, but I’m not sure I would get on with her little dogs, or her daughter, or the neighbours. I would, of course, try my hardest to be a good boy – it’s just if she can’t trust me 100% then I can’t leave. To be honest, I don’t trust myself 100% if I get spooked or cornered.

Please think about adopting me. For £10 you will help me get some food, treats and toys, as well as any extra vitamins I need as I’m no spring-chicken!

Don’t forget: If you are purchasing the adoption as a gift for someone, please email us with their details so that we can create the personalised digital certificate!

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