(Female) Oh hello… do you want to know more about me? Why? You don’t have to… just move on… I don’t like it when people look at me for too long. I am the ultimate ‘wall-paper’ dog. You won’t notice me at the shelter, even though I have been there for more than 6 years. Sometimes I get so scared that the people have to take me inside to calm down, and then visitors really can’t see me!

I was born in 2013, which I’m told is quite a long time ago. The staff at the shelter love me and always give me cuddles to make me feel better, it’s just I don’t feel settled anywhere I go. If there was a quiet corner to snuggle up, and a few short walks a day that would be perfect… what? I’d have to meet a stranger to get adopted? Errrmmmm… let me think about that…. No thanks.

It would be rather nice if someone understood my anxiety and maybe sent me presents but I didn’t have to meet them, would that be possible? Okay then. I’ll wait for you to be my sponsor.

Here is a Facebook Video of me from August 2020… No, not that big brown lump, that’s Brutus! Look behind him…

Don’t mind me, I fell asleep in the afternoon sun.

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