Adopters Application

Please do not pay for your home check until personally asked to do so by a member of the adoption team.
We are experiencing technical issues, and the auto-response email to the form is not correct. We apologise for any confusion caused by this, we are working hard to get it fixed.

While we upgrade our website some devices may not be compatible with the application form. We suggest using a laptop /desktop version of the website if possible. The form is the only way we can accept an application for a dog. You patience and understanding is very much appreciated! We are a small team of volunteers and the IT work is taking longer than anticipated. – Paw Pose Adoption Team

Before you fill in the form please make sure you have read our adoption process. If you do not hear from one of the adoption team members within 5 days, your application has been unsuccessful. Please do not contact us to chase an application.

*In 2020 we rehomed 139 dogs, only 4 of these went on to be homed a second time via our ‘rescue back up’ scheme. The most common reason for asking for help/rehoming was that the dog they chose to adopt was too energetic for the household. Please remember that many of our dogs have gone through a traumatic time and may revert to puppy-like behaviour in the first 3 months of adoption. This means they can be bouncy, mouthy, or full of energy. As they get to find out what happiness and security means, they can finally let their guard down which is the time you will need to keep up their socialisation and behaviour training. We have a full guide on the website to help you, as well as a dedicated team on Facebook via the private adoption group.