We are raising money! £5,000 will help our start-up and enable us to register as a Charity in UK. We are part way on this journey, but still a long stretch from our goal!

Social media fundraisers are a great support for our organisation, however, we also require frequent donations to cover the everyday needs of the dogs at the shelter. Helping to find forever homes and families for the forgotten dogs from Hungary is our drive and passion.

The dogs are mostly rescued from kill shelters – quite literally from death row – or from inhumane puppy farms. Then once they have been checked by a vet they are quarantined for 14 days at Pacsi Kutyamenhely in Hajduboszormeny. After this they are given their own enclosure or shared enclosure while we assess their needs and find them a suitable family in the UK. The sad reality is that the shelter is nearly always full, and it’s crucial to free up spaces so that they can save more lives.

Improvements to the shelter grounds and enclosures are on-going. As of November 2020 we are part way through installing roof covering over the kennels to prevent the ground becoming water-logged. In previous years this has been a major concern as the mud is pervasive and makes it harder to work with the dogs. Our future goal is to install solar lights and heating throughout the site so that we can reduce our carbon footprint.

(January, 2020) “Within one week of starting, we have already found prospective owners, a way to get the the dogs to UK, and absolutely lovely people and organisations who are willing to help us in our battle for these poor dogs! I am amazed at the support we have received so far. We would be really grateful for financial assistance as I know we can do so much more.” – Klaudia

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The dogs appreciate all donations, big or small… and so do we!