Name: Tonik

I am a: male
Breed: Patterdale terrier cross / small – medium

Born/Age: Approximately 1st of January 2019

Vaccinated, Neutered and Microchipped.

About me: Tonik is a very friendly , playful and lovely boy, He is good with children and other dogs. Cat test upon request. Gin ( our female Patterdale also for adoption) and Tonik were rescued from the streets in Hungary, both with docked tails, they were most likely thrown out onto the street as lots of dogs are after their previous owners do not want them any longer. He is perfect for an active person looking for a young dog.

At the moment Tonik has heartworm, but you do not need to worry as he is healthy enough to travel and it does not affect him in any way, all you would have to do is give him his medicine ( that we provide) to him twice a day, we would help you with this and all measurements would be written down for you. Please do not start researching heartworm because the results could be horrifying, warning you about high cases of heartworm which he DOES NOT have ( Tonik’s heartworm is low), also lots of information put on the internet about heartworm is false. Tonik has been checked by a vet and will be before travel as all of our dogs are, heartworm is simple to treat and easy to get rid off. Many people have adopted dogs with heartworm from us and most of them have already recovered. Heartworm CAN NOT be passed on so if you are worried that your child might get it or your dog from the dog that you are adopting, don’t be! You would have to be stung by a specific type of mosquito to get this illness, and these do not exist in the UK. For extra information on heartworm have a look at our training and resources page:

Currently in Hungary!

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