Name: Morzsi

I am a: male
Breed: Labrador X Hungarian Vizsla/ Medium

Born/Age: approx 1st February 2021

Vaccinated, Neutered and Microchipped.

About me:  This is the little gem who stole everyone’s heart with the pictures of him hugging his rescuer after he saved him from a cold meaningless death, people have said that he was ‘clinging onto safety’ Bless his heart. Morzsi is a very sweet and friendly boy, he is great with children and other dogs. Cat test upon request. He loves being outdoors, hiding in the long grass or behind a bush or under a tree it makes him feel safe but that is not much of a wonder as it is all he has ever known, hopefully soon sleeping inside a warm bed will be the thing that makes him feel safe. Morzsi was saved minutes before being put down at the Egyek dog pound in Hungary, He is a bit shy at the moment but could you really expect anything more from him after all he has been through? The answer is no , no you can’t. This lost little soul just wants to be loved, could you be the one who grants his wish?

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Back Up Rescue Available.